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Tips from Michael Felice Interiors’ Interior Designers

Home interior design can be confusing and overwhelming. Most homeowners know what they like and don’t like when it comes to the design of their homes. However, executing an organized and cohesive stylistic theme across a room or an entire house can be much more difficult. Michael Felice Interiors is answering interior design questions in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Learn more about our interior design services and how we can help you express yourself through your home’s design.

Why Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

A professional interior designer can guide you towards making design decisions that help you create the aesthetic and style you desire. We can help you make a cohesive theme that expresses your unique taste.

How Do I Choose the Right Designer for Me?

You can always look at a designer’s past work or portfolio to get a sense of what they can accomplish. The most critical factor is interpersonal, though. Meet an interior designer and see if you get along. When you are working creatively with an interior designer, you must enjoy working with them.

How Are Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and Draperies Different?

While all of these are window treatments, they are very different pieces. Blinds are slats (vertical or horizontal) that can be tilted to allow in light or retracted completely. A shade is a solid fabric that raises or lowers. Shutters are solid fixtures, typically made of wood or vinyl, which often include slats that can be opened like blinds. Draperies are cloth accents that frame a window.

How Do I Know Which Window Treatment Is Right for Me?

Selecting the right window treatment for yourself requires you to consider your goals. If your primary concern is creating a specific aesthetic, you may not care how much light a particular window treatment lets through. On the other hand, you may be selecting window treatments specifically for their energy efficiency.

How Do I Install Window Blinds?

Whenever you get window blinds, whether wood blinds, outdoor blinds, or patio blinds, they will come with instructions. Usually, it only requires placing a few brackets and hanging the fixtures.

How Should I Clean and Maintain My Window Coverings?

Cleaning most window coverings, like blinds, draperies, shutters, or shades, can be done with a duster and a washcloth. Routine dusting will prevent the accumulation of filth, but wiping them down with a damp cloth can make them sparkle again. Ultimately, it all depends on the material, though. A washcloth doesn’t do much good on draperies, and certain types of wood blinds or shutters may require special treatment.

How Are Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds Different?

Both wood blinds and faux wood blinds have their place in home interior design. Wood blinds are lighter and have an authentic feel, often making them the ideal choice for large and prominent areas. However, faux wood blinds use a PVC that is more durable in certain circumstances, such as the humidity of bathrooms and kitchens.

Can I Paint My Wooden Shutters?

Yes, but you must ensure that it is done correctly. In some cases, it may involve special cleaning methods and multiple layers of primer.

Why Should I Get Electric Blinds?

Convenience and security. The next time there’s a glare on the TV, you can close your blinds from your phone without getting up from the couch. Also, you can open and close your shades even if you’re on the other side of the world, giving your home an appearance of activity that will deter intruders.

What’s the Most Common Mistake Made with Window Coverings?

The most common mistake people make with their window coverings is failing to correctly measure and select window treatments like blinds or draperies. Stunning window coverings should fit snuggly and leave no extra room for light to peek through the window when installed.

Are Michael Felice Interiors’ Window Coverings Child-Safe?

Cords are a safety concern for parents with small children and pets. Luckily, we can help you select child-safe window coverings, like cordless or electric blinds.

What Is the Difference Between Inside and Outside Mount?

Inside and outside mount refers to whether your window covers fit inside or outside your window frame.

What Are Valances?

Window valances are decorative covers that go on the top of a window. They are most often used to creatively cover up the hardware involved in blinds, curtains, or drapery.

What Is the Difference Between Draperies and Valances?

While you often want your drapes and valance to match, they are different pieces. Draperies will usually extend from the top of the window down to the floor, framing both sides of the window. Valances only cover the top of the window.

What Are the Benefits of Valances?

Valances allow you to conceal the hardware in your other window treatments while giving you another place to add design components. Additionally, valances help shut out any light that may peek through the top of the window treatments. Michael Felice Interiors can help you find the perfect valances for your windows.

Can Energy-Efficient Window Coverings Reduce My Power Bill?

Countless window coverings will reduce your energy bill. At their simplest, they include solar blackout shades that keep heat out of your home in the summer. On the more advanced side, you could select Insulating Cellular Honeycomb Shades, which use an advanced design to provide ultimate insulation.

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