The Color Lime

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The color lime can add tang to your home décor.

Lime green is a bold, extroverted color. It’s a color from nature, yet it is brighter than many earthy hues we tend to use for home décor. Versions of the color lime green can also be called chartreuse, jade, apple green, and spring green.

Given lime green’s drama and intensity, it’s surprising that the hue works beautifully with many color palettes. Sometimes lime is toned down by adding grey and beige tones; other times the color is bold and brilliant – and very attention-getting. Depending which version of lime you select, you can create various moods from subtle to edgy and from calming to energizing.

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Lime green and purple accents make this room pop. Shown with Designer Screen Shades.

Lime can be used for all types of décor, including traditional, modern and everything in between. Colors that work well with lime really depend on the shade of lime you select.

In general, this vibrant color goes well with:
– White, gray, and neutral beige and cream tones
– Brown, camel and taupe
– Pink, purple, red and salmon
– Small touches of blue, black, orange or yellow

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Here's a toned down version of lime: Design Studio™ Roman Shades in Pesto.

Do beware, when using lime green, about mixing other shades of green – the result may be chaotic and unharmonious. If you choose to decorate with lime, it’s usually best not to use other greens in your design plan.

Add a sweet and pungent slice of lime green to your décor. It will kick up your home environment. For more ideas or help with your next design project, contact the team at Michael Felice Interiors.

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If you prefer neutrals, just add a couple of lime green pillows. Shown with Natural Elements™ aluminum blinds.