Relaxing Lounge Chairs in Wyckoff & Paramus, NJ 

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Lounge chairs are comfortable seating choices you can lean into.

If you think lounge chairs are a thing of the past, think again! They are new again and come in so many up-to-date styles, materials and colors. And who can imagine a more comfortable addition to your living room or great room?

Lounge, sprawl, and stretch out. There are so many reasons to add a relaxing chair for comfy living: Give yourself a needed break and take time to watch TV, read a book, look out at a beautiful view or listen to music.

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A leather chaise lounge, shown with Solera® Soft Shades.

Big, dark brown, battered leather is the stereotype image for a lounge chair, but there’s so much more. Today’s chairs can be more petite, with wingback or modern sleek designs or shaped more like chaise lounges.

Lounge chairs come in loads of fabrics, including prints and light colors. Some have wood or chrome detailing, some come with welting, nail heads or tufting, and some have a swivel or rocker feature.

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A uniquely shaped chair; shown with Cadence® Vertical Blinds.

Things to consider:
– Plan your chair’s placement so there’s plenty of room for movement around it.
– Place a table nearby for snacks and beverages.
– Add a lamp if you plan to read while lounging.
– Make sure the lounge chair is the appropriate size for the room. If your other furniture is small, select a chair that complements this scale.

Add a lounge chair for a new tilt on seating in your home. Then lie back and relax! For more ideas or for help with your next design project, please contact the team at Michael Felice Interiors.

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A modern lounge chair.