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A few pillows can have a big impact on your décor.

Pillows seem like a small detail in a decorating scheme, yet they can add so much color, texture and personality to the look of your home. For maximum impact and decorating harmony, consider these attributes when you select decorative pillows:

– Mix patterns if you’d like, but avoid more than two or three because the look may become chaotic.

– Use complementary fabrics rather than the same material as your sofa.

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Pillows can add so much color, texture, and personality!

– Use colors that are compatible with the rest of your interior elements in the room, such as rugs, carpeting, window coverings and upholstery.

– Layer different textures with multiple pillows, including smooth silk, soft velvet, rough tapestry and even fuzzy faux fur.

– Think about embellishments on your pillows, such as embroidery, beading, tassels and fringe.

– With pillows, size matters! And so does shape. In addition to square or rectangular pillows, consider unusual shapes, such as round, triangular, oblong and oval.

– It’s almost always best to have more than one throw pillow on a sofa or bed. Two is most common, but you can also go with three or four.

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Choose pillow fabrics that are different from your upholstery fabric.

Also think about comfort and your budget when you purchase pillows. Feathers and down stuffing feel soft and sensuous, but they tend to be more expensive and don’t hold a stiff shape. Synthetic fills and foam hold their shape better and are more reasonably priced.

Selecting the perfect throw pillows for your rooms will puff up your home décor beautifully. For more ideas or help with your next design project, contact us here at Michael Felice Interiors.

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Mix solid and patterned pillows for maximum impact.